Grass Clippings - Please read!


When you are mowing your lawn, please keep in mind it is illegal to blow the clippings into the street.  If you do, you are required to remove them from the street when finished.  Section 901 of the South Lebanon Township Stormwater Management Ordinance states "No person shall allow or cause to allow, discharges into the MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) or discharges into waters of the Commonwealth, which are not composed entirely of storm water. 
Grass clippings left in the street get washed away by storm water and deposited in the water system.  This causes storm drains to clog and back up causing flooding.  The grass also releases nitrogen into the water system which is not good for the water. 

Please note that the North Cornwall Township Yard Waste Recycling Facility DOES NOT accept grass clippings!

The best option is to mulch the clippings when you mow rather than gathering the clippings. 

The Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority (GLRA) does accept grass clippings at their green waste recycling area. You need the proper license and there is a tipping fee. See the GLRA's website for details.