Voting Information

Voter Registration Instructions

To register to vote or change your existing information, please contact: 

    Lebanon County Voter Registration Office 

        by phone:  (717) 228-4428

        in person:    City/County Municipal Building

                                400 S 8th Street, Room 209

                                Lebanon, PA  17042 



General Primary Election - May 16, 2023  (7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.)

General Election Day - November 7, 2023

Looking for information about who is on the ballot? Check out or

    Just enter your address or 9-digit zip for complete directories of all federal and state elected officials, 

    election contests and candidates.

Results of voting can be found here.


Polling Locations

 Where do I vote?

    If you aren't sure which of these is your polling location, enter your address here to find out. 

  • North District - (Ward: So Lebanon North 30N)
    Masonic Hall
    499 S 14th Avenue
    Lebanon, PA  17042 
  • South District - (Ward: So Lebanon South 30S)
    Zion United Methodist Church of Iona
    1920 S 5th Avenue
    Lebanon, PA  17042
  • West District - (Ward: So Lebanon West 30W)
  • Friendship Fire Company
    610 S 2nd Street
    Lebanon PA  17042

    Voting Wards - 2021

     May 2023 - Polling location change