Lost & Found

South Lebanon Township does NOT transport animals to the Humane Society nor do we come out and pick-up the animals, but when we receive calls regarding a lost or found animal, we will post the information here for a period of 5 days. Please call the Township if you have any information:

Found Dogs in South Lebanon Township:

1)  March 15, 2019 - Female; White & Brown; French Bulldog

2)  March 15, 2019 - Male; White & Grey; French Bulldog
3)  March 19, 2019 - Male; Golden; Golden Retriever
4)  March 19, 2019 - Female; Golden; Golden Retriever

To reclaim a lost animal who has been brought to the Humane Society of Lebanon County the following is required:

1. Proof of ownership of animal (vet records, photos of animal, microchip info)
2. Photo identification and proof of current address