Tax Annual Return filing deadlines for 2021

The Federal and State Income Tax Annual Return filing deadline was extended to May 17, 2021. See article about the extension here. Keystone Collections Group will accordingly not impose additional late filing penalty and interest to local taxpayers who file by May 17, 2021 so as to align the local filing deadline with the extended PA and the IRS filing deadlines (seen here). 

This extension does not apply to any other tax payments.  Employer filing deadlines for reporting payroll withholdings are not changed. Similarly, quarterly estimates for 1st quarter 2021 have not been extended. 

Any questions about the Local Tax Returns should be directed to Keystone Collection's Group. They can be reached via their website at or by phone at (888) 328-0565. 

There will be NO TAX INCREASE for South Lebanon Township in 2021!

Tax Rates

The South Lebanon Township Real Estate Tax rate for 2021 is 1.48 mils and the Fire Protection Tax is .30 mils.  Street light taxes vary depending on the area where you live.  These tax bills which are issued around March 1st of each year are mailed and collected by the County Treasurer's Office.

The County Real Estate Tax rate for 2021 is 3.2925 mils.  These taxes are also issued around March 1st of each year and mailed and collected by the County Treasurer's Office.

Cornwall-Lebanon School District Real Estate Taxes are mailed around July 1st of each year by Keystone Collections Group.  They also collect the school taxes.  The current rate is 15.4819 mils.

Keystone is also responsible for collecting and distributing the Earned Income and Local Services payroll taxes.

Keystone Collections Group has provided a Tax/Fee Certification Form
Those closing agents with pre-paid accounts may fax their requests directly to (412) 927-3638.

If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate office:
    County Treasurer 717-228-4420
    Keystone Collections Group - 717-272-3770